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Trondheim tangoklubb in cooperation with Stjørdal tangklubb welcome you warmly to Tango in Hell, volume 3! The venue for the event is Scandic Hell Hotel, a 600 meters walk from Trondheim airport. The dates for 2023 are set – hopefully we will see you March 17-19.

Tango in Hell is a marathon-like event with lots of dancing, more than 20 hours at 5 milongas, excellent food and even better mood. The event is gender neutral and role-balanced, so please register in couples. We especially welcome dual-role dancers to register for the event. Single registrations will be placed on a waiting list to make sure role balance, and the possibilities for single registration will be limited. 

In 2022, the levels of dancers were the following:

After the event in 2022 we asked people: «Will you return next year?». Here is the reply, and we really hope that you all come back.

We also asked about the number of participants and it seems like the number was just about right. Hence, we will set the limit to 80 dancers for this event. This means you should register early to improve your chances to get in :-).


The detailed program might be slightly adjusted along the way due to changes in content and times.

Date When What Where Who
17.03 15:00-19:00 Registration Reception area  
19:00-21:00 Dinner (Pst! Leave early for the concert) Amalie  
20:00-21:00 Opening concert with pre-milonga Stiklestad Artists: Julie & Andreas
21:00-01:30 Welcome to heaven in Hell milonga Stiklestad DJ: Eva-Lena Ahlberg
18.03 07:30-10:30 Breakfast Amalie  
11:30-12:30 Lunch Amalie  
12:30-17:30 Relaxed daytime milonga in Hell Stiklestad DJ: Cumhur Dilek
19:00-21:00 Dinner Amalie  
21:00-01:30 Main milonga in Hell Stiklestad DJ: Berit Eklund
19.03 07:30-10:30 Breakfast Amalie  
10:30-13:00 Morning bird milonga in Hell Stiklestad DJ: Eva-Lena Ahlberg
13:00-14:00 Lunch Amalie  
14:00-17:30 Leaving Hell milonga Stiklestad DJ: Nisse Ahlberg


  • Full package 1: Single room, all milongas, all meals (2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 2 x dinner) – NOK 3.800.
  • Full package 2: Double room, all milongas, all meals (2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 2 x dinner) – NOK 3.150/ person in double room.
  • Full milonga pass and meals (2 x lunch and 2 x dinner) – NOK 2.230.
  • Extra night – NOK 1300
  • All milongas – NOK 1000.
  • T-shirt – NOK 275.

It is not possible to buy pass for single milongas.

T-shirt 2023

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the exclusive t-shirt as proof of your effort this weekend.

«If you want heaven, go to Hell for 3 days»

Eva-Lena Ahlberg (Linköping, Sweden)

«Already from the beginning, when I started dancing tango, I was fascinated by the music. My first DJ-job was in 2007 and since then I was stuck. I’m playing regularly at milonga La Barranca in Linköping, but also at different venues in Sweden and Norway. I play classical tango music from the 20s to the 40s with cortinas. The music is of course prepared before the milonga, but I make the final playlist along the way. Every milonga is unique with its flow, rhytm and taste! This is my third performance in Hell.»

DJ Nisse (Linköping, Sweden)


DJ Nisse from Linköping in Sweden is one of our regular DJ that has been in Trondheim many, many times before. DJ Nisse mostly plays the “golden age” tandas with plenty of playfulness and romance in it. He also loves a good beat and finding good compositions within every single tanda. We are looking forward to listening to your music for the second time in Hell!

Berit Eklund (Stockholm, Sweden)

A small, intimate milonga or a big festival, it is always exciting for me to play my mix of classical gems for social dancing. Rhythmical, lyrical, romantical and dramatical tones that make the feet eager and the hearts warm. A kick for me as a DJ is to play music that fills the floor with delighted dancers, tanda after tanda, all the way until «La Comparcita».

Cumhur Dilek (Copenhagen/Turkey)

Before he began to dance, Cumhur was interested in music and played flute, guitar, saxophone and vocal. His background in music has had a positive impact on his dancing, DJing and musicality. Since 2007 he has been working extensively on tango music and has played at numerous tango marathons and events all around Europe – Athens, Minsk, Frankfurt, Bergen, Budapest, Beirut… “Dancers are the most important elements of Tango. My first priority as a Tango Dj is the happiness of dancers on the dance floor. Dancers are the best source of inspiration for me. I observe them and focus on giving whatever they want.”


You can go to Hell by all means of transportation – plane, train, bus or car (and even by boat). Check your flights here. The venue is situated a very short walk from Trondheim airport. If the weather is nice, it would only take 5-6 minutes. But if Hell freezes over, you can find a taxi just outside the exit – but you pay a lot for the 45 seconds ride! The train station is either at Hell or Trondheim airport. The distance is about the same from both train stations (8-10 minutes walk). All buses also stops near the venue, or at Trondheim airport. And if arriving by car, there is free parking for you.

The venue – Scandic Hell Hotel

Scandic Hell Hotel is one of the best hotels in the area. It received the award «3rd best breakfast in Norway» in 2018, the best breakfast in Norway in 2019 and the food delivered to Tango in Hell 2012 was absolutely superb! Just take a look at the video. All meals are of course included in the full packages.

The dance floor at «Stiklestad» is very good with plenty of space in a nice atmosphere.

Room standard is also very good, and has even improved after a refurbishment in 2020.

There is a relaxation area with a swimming pool, sauna and a gym (0630-2200). If you want to get away for a minute or 10, you can visit Vertigo bar (open until 0200) at the second floor where you can have a free coffee or tea during the whole stay. Free coffee and tea is also available at various station around the hotel. Other snack or beverages you have to pay for yourself.

You can also rent a bike at the hotel if you want to explore the area (but check the forecast first. It might be chilly – even in Hell).

Close to the venue, you find Hell Center with a variety of shops. Opening hours Friday 9-20, Saturday 9-17. Rema (groceries) Friday 7-22. Saturday 7-21. Ditt apotek (pharmacy) Friday 11-18, Saturday 9-16. Sunday closed.

Payment on site

We have a webshop at Vipps – #41098. Works for users with Norwegian mobile subscription and bank account.

You can also use our iZettle terminal to pay with Visa or MasterCard. And of course we accept cash.


Bring your Tango in Hell gadget or item to the millongas and win a full milonga pass for next year’s event. We don’t want at costume ball, but something small and maybe subtle describing «Tango in Hell». E.g something homemade like this winner from 2022.


We will sell t-shirts, dresses and Tangolera/DNI shoes to both women and men. These can be pre-ordered and delivered to you at Hell.

There will also be possibilities to buy tango dresses and skirts from Tangochica.

This is Hell

Bilderesultat for hell godsexpedition
Hell station, with Gods-Expedition

The village of Hell (population 1580) has become a tourist attraction because of its name, as visitors often have their photograph taken in front of the station sign. A smaller building on the railway station has been given the sign Gods-expedition, which is the archaic spelling of the word for ”handling goods” (godsekspedisjon would be the spelling in the contemporary Norwegian language). The word «hell» in Norwegian actually means «luck» so you should actually consider yourself lucky to be in Hell :-). Hell is situated 4 kilometers from Stjørdal, and 35 kilometers from Trondheim.



Tango in Hell, logo

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