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Thank you for a wonderful weekend

Posted 01.05.2015 by Hjard Jensen in Uncategorized

Maria and Sebastian in Trondheim. Norway. April 25, 2015

Maria Ines and Sebastian in Trondheim, Norway. April 25, 2015

Beautiful Maria Ines and the equally handsome Sebastian are leaving us today. We would like to thank you for coming all the way to little Trondheim in Norway again. Thank you for bringing so much inspiration and tango wisdom to us. We have enjoyed every minute you have been here. We wish you could have stayed longer. Det har vært så koselig!

Also, a big thank you to all of you who came for the weekend to attend classes and/or milongas. Thank you, DJ Anne Lise and DJ Atle, for the wonderful music. And thank you hosts! We hope you had a fantastic weekend with us here in Trondheim.

On behalf of the Trondheim tango club,
Anna and the Board of Directors