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Alexandra Yepes and Edwin Espinosa – October fest in Trondheim!

Posted 22.05.2016 by Hjard Jensen in Kurs

Please make room in your calendar for a fabulous tango weekend with the Colombian dancers Alexandra Yepes and Edwin Espinosa at Båtsmannsgata 4 in Trondheim 28-30 October 2016. Here is a little preview of what is awaiting you.

Alexandra y Edwin


FRIDAY 28/10-2016

1930-2100 Embrace and walk (all levels)
2100-0030 Evening milonga

SATURDAY 29/10-2016

1200-1330 Control of tension and relaxation (all levels)
1345-1515 Giro technique in tango salon (all levels)
1600-1730 Sacadas and barridas in the giro (intermediate)
2100-0100 Evening milonga with show

SUNDAY 30/10-2016

1200-1330 Female and male techniques (all levels))
1345-1515 Milonga part 1 – basic structures (all levels))
1630-1800 Milonga part 2 (intermediate)
1800-2100 Evening milonga

Private classes will be given 26. and 27. October.

More info will follow.