Semesterkurs for nybegynnere våren 2019

Påmelding og mer info om kurset finner du her.

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Tangokonsert med Åsbjørg Ryeng og Martin Casal – 26. januar 2019

De to mest sentrale instrumentene i den argentinske tangomusikken møtes, nemlig bandoneon og gitar. Med argentinsk sjarm kommer gitaristen Martin Casal til Norge fra sin hjemby Buenos Aires. Han tar med seg kjærligheten for sin tradisjon og møter den trønderske bandoneonisten Åsbjørg Ryeng. I dette møtet vil det bli presentert et knippe slagere fra tangoens gullalder.

Martin Casal (gitar) kommer fra Buenos Aires og har vokst opp med tangomusikken tett på. Han studerte gitar på ”Universidad Nacional de las Artes” i Buenos Aires. Martin spiller fast i tangogruppen ”Va de Nuevo”.

Åsbjørg Ryeng (bandoneón) startet tangokarrieren i sin hjemby Trondheim. Siden har hun studert ved Norges Musikkhøgskole, og vært på flere studieturer til Buenos Aires. For utenom duo-prosjektet med Martin er hun for tiden aktuell med gruppene ”El Muro” og ”Cantango”.

Duoen spiller dansbar tango under lørdagens milonga.

Inngang kr 250 (for konsert og milonga). Nøyaktig starttid for konserten er ikke fastsatt ennå.

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Irem & Gøran, endelig tilbake i Trondheim 25-27 januar 2019

Vi har igjen fått tak i to av våre gode venner fra Bergen, fantastiske Irem Öztürk og Gøran Eliassen. De har besøkt oss tidligere så her vet vi at det blir knallgode kurs.

Kursene er åpne for alle som har gått nybegynnerkurs og for mer erfarne dansere som ønsker å forsterke sin kompetanse. Kursene består av mye grunnteknikk, musikalitet og generell forståelse for tango.

I tillegg til kurs vil det bli en konsert på lørdagsmilongaen med Åsbjørg Ryeng (bandoneon) og Martin Casal (gitar).

Påmelding skjer her.

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Privattimer med Vittoria og Edwin

Privattimer kan bestilles her. Betaling skjer på Vipps til Trondheim tangoklubb.

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Styremøte 20. oktober 2018

Du finner referat fra styremøtet her.

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Tango in Hell – 22-24 March 2019

Want to be the first to dance tango in Hell?

Registration here.

Tango in Hell is a compact milonga weekend featuring international DJs. Everything is at one place, situated at Scandic Hell Hotel, a 600 meter walking distance from Trondheim airport and Værnes train station. Hell Shopping Center is 100 meters away, so basically you have all you need within eyesight 🙂

At the hotel you will dance and dine in very nice surroundings. The price of NOK 2 490/≈265 euros includes the following:
* Access to 6 milongas (4 traditional and 2 alternative/nuevo milongas)
* 2 nights in double room, check in Friday, check out Sunday (single room NOK 700/≈74 euros extra)
* 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners
* Free 2 hr DJ seminar
* Free parking
* Free transport from/to airport (by request)
* Pool, sauna, fitness room and relaxation area at the top floor of the hotel.

Prices are shown at Dancers with other alternatives can exclude accomodation and food from the price.

We are aiming towards a balance between followers and leaders. When there is overweight of 10 persons of any kind, the registration will temporarily be put on hold. Registration in couples will make it easier for us to manage and for you to enter 🙂

Btw, “Hell” in Norwegian means “luck”, “something about to finish” or “pour”.

* Tomas Kohl (Prague, Czech Republic)
* Eva-Lena (Linköping, Sweden)
* Nisse (Linköping, Sweden)
* DJ AppleJack (Langeland, Denmark)
* La Sonia (Frankfurt, Germany)

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Styremøte 21. august 2018

Du finner referat fra styremøtet her.

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Konsert på Dokkhuset – Håkon Magnar Skogstad – 27. august

Håkon Magnar Skogstad, kjent som pianist i bl.a. Tangueros del Norte, Los Osos Polares og Tango Ensillado, gir ut soloplate i disse dager. I den forbindelsen gjennomfører han en miniturné i New York og Buenos Aires med foreløpig siste stopp i Trondheim. Det blir derfor konsert på Dokkhuset scene etterfulgt av en milonga med egen DJ hvor du også kan få hilse på artisten og kjøpt et signert eksemplar. Plata har allerede mottatt en rekke svært gode kritikker.

Sted: Dokkhuset Scene
Dato: 27. august (mandag)
Klokken: 1900
Pris: Gratis inngang!

“Two hands to tango” består av tre komposisjoner og syv originale tangoarrangementer for piano, spilt inn hos Bacque Studios med Pablo Aslan som produsent. Du kan høre musikk fra plata hans her,

Du finner noen videoklipp her:

Album Notes
As a performer of tango music I have always been fascinated by the unique sound of the bandoneón and how the instrument is used in solo arrangements and compositions. Performing together with bandoneón players and writing for the instrument as an arranger/composer has inspired me to adapt some of the techniques and interpretational aspects into my own piano playing.

I wanted to see if I could incorporate the multilayered, flowing and improvisational manner of playing – constantly changing focus between the bass, chords, and melodic structures, rather than trying to do all at once as often as possible, like an orchestral reduction.

This approach can be heard throughout the album and is taken to the extreme in El Marne, which is a bandoneón arrangement adapted for the piano. The melting point is the tribute composition “Tristezas de un doble S” where Piazzolla’s «Alfred Arnold» bandoneón is replaced by «Steinway and Sons».

Los Mareados: A musical poem of the great classic tango
Sentimiento Tanguero: Lucio Demare meets Håkon Skogstad
Tango del Angel: A piano adaptation tribute to Leopoldo Federico and his orchestra’s arrangement
Milonga Impromptu: A retrospective composition where Chopin meets tango
Felicia: In memory of the late Horacio Salgán
Sur: A rhapsodic arrangement flirting with the original
Norte: North contrasting South – A Norwegian “tanguero” composition
El Marne: A piano adaptation of Leopoldo Federico’s bandoneón arrangement
Canaro en Paris: Salgán meets Horowitz in this concert paraphrase arrangement
Tristezas de un doble S: Exploring the bandoneónesque sounds of Piazzolla on the piano

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Kurshelg med Vittoria Franchina og Edwin Olarte 23-25 november

Edwin Leonardo Olarte (from Colombia, aka Leonardo Montiel) was in the final in the world championship of tango in Buenos Aires (2016), 3rd place in the championship “Pelando Variaciones” in Buenos Aires (2016) and 2nd place in the Colombian championship of tango (2012). He has been dancing in different casas de tango/tango shows and companies in Buenos Aires, such as Cafe de Los Angelitos, Gala tango, Social tango, Hotel Faena, Sabor a tango, and the last one was Miguel Angel Zotto’s company Tango x2 in his show “Tango Raices”.

Vittoria Franchina (from Italy) graduated at AIDA (association of professors graduated at Teatro Alla Scala in Milan). 2nd place at the championship Tripudium ballet in Milan (2010) and 4th place at the International Championship Expression in Florence (2012). She has been dancing in many theatres in Buenos Aires and Europe as tango dancer and contemporary dancer.

As a couple they have been teaching and dancing in different milongas and events, first in Buenos Aires and then in October, November and December 2017 in different cities in Italy such as Milan, Bari, Genova, Pavia, Reggio Emilia and others (Milonga Cafe Caribe in Milan, Milonga Melograno in Milan, Mieru Mieru, Milonga Informal Reggio Emilia, Valentini Runway in Bari, Archivolto Theatre in Genova, Milonga Tango Asi…).

In January, February and March 2018 they have been working in Colombia with performance and classes (First International tango festival of milonga Tinta Roja in Bogota, Milonga Municipal, Milonga el Jaguar…).

In April 2018 they have been working in Europe in Milan, Bologna (Milonga Tango Dispari), Messina (Milonga Tango Querido), Castellanza (Milonga Melograno), Dublin (Milonga Turk’s head and annual ball at Mansion House 2018), Wexford (Milonga Oriental).

In May and June, they are going to be in Pavia (Tango Asi), Reggio Calabria (Festival Dello Stretto), Athens (Tango Steps), Venice (Tango Parasiempre) and Belgium.

They teach regularly in two tango schools (Kreo in Milan and Indaco in Iseo) and Milonga Cafe Caribe in Milan.

Day Time Content Level
Friday 1930-2100 Women’s and men’s technique All
2100-0100 Milonga
Saturday 1200-1330 Find a comfortable embrace. Close and open embrace, walking sequences and change of directions. All
1345-1515 Giros, sacadas and enrosques. Intermediate
1545-1715 Milonga Intermediate/advanced
2100-0100 Milonga with show
Sunday 1200-1330 Tecnique of the turn with different kind of embrace. sequences in a reduced space. All
1345-1515 Vals Intermediate
1545-1715 Axis and out of axis. Apile, volcada and colgada. Intermediate/advanced

Påmelding finner du her.

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Sommeren 2018









Vi har tatt delvis sommerferie. Dvs at det ikke er noen kurs eller milongas før etter skolestart, men vi kjører sommerpractica hver tirsdag kl 19-22(ish) i Tangohuset (Båtsmannsgata 4).

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