Minutes from board meetings

Two new minutes from board meetings are posted here (or click the “Styremøtereferat” link to the right.

Thursday summer tango at Krem Kaffebar

13173498_1107635395923648_101649316598641874_oWe are happy to announce Thursday summer tango at Krem Kaffebar in Krambugata 3 every Thursday in June and July from 18-21.

We want this to be a low-threshold venue for all dancers at all levels, so the first part will be a practica, and the second part will be a milonga. We will try to organise some workshops or instructions for the practica part, but this is not yet in place.

Note that there will be no Friday and Sunday milongas in July and early/mid August, so this will be your only chance to dance indoor tango in Trondheim this summer.

Survey Trondheim tangoklubb

We have made a little survey which we hope you can answer. This will give us valuable input on how to improve our services to you.


Vi har laget en liten spørreundersøkelse som vi håper du kan besvare. Dette vil gi oss verdifull input i forhold til hvordan vi skal kunne forbedre vårt tilbud til dere.


Semesterkurs for nybegynnere, høsten 2016

Vi åpner for registrering på høstens nybegynnerkurs. Registrering skjer på deltaker.no. Si fra til venner og familie om dette fantastiske kurset som holdes av Torill og Terje :-).


We now open for registration for this autumn’s beginner class. Please register at deltaker.no. Notify your friends and family about this fabulous class run by Torill and Terje :-).

Alexandra Yepes and Edwin Espinosa – October fest in Trondheim!

Please make room in your calendar for a fabulous tango weekend with the Colombian dancers Alexandra Yepes and Edwin Espinosa at Bridgehuset in Trondheim 28-30 October 2016. Here is a little preview of what is awaiting you.

Alexandra y Edwin


FRIDAY 28/10-2016

1930-2100 Embrace and walk (all levels)
2100-0030 Evening milonga

SATURDAY 29/10-2016

1200-1330 Control of tension and relaxation (all levels)
1345-1515 Giro technique in tango salon (all levels)
1600-1730 Sacadas and barridas in the giro (intermediate)
2100-0100 Evening milonga with show

SUNDAY 30/10-2016

1200-1330 Female and male techniques (all levels))
1345-1515 Milonga part 1 – basic structures (all levels))
1630-1800 Milonga part 2 (intermediate)
1800-2100 Evening milonga

Private classes will be given 26. and 27. October.

More info will follow.

Tango-weekend with Nico Bottega

We are pleased to invite you all to a tango-weekend with Nico Bottega. Please enlist at deltaker.no.

Schedule (20-22 May):

Friday: 1930-2100 (regular milonga 2100-0100)
Saturday: 1600-1730
Sunday: 1600-1730.

Price: 50 NOK per workshop.

Place: Bridgehuset Trondheim.

For private lessons with Nico, call Solfrid Helsø at 917 68 525. Price: NOK 600/h.

Kontaktinfo om styret i Trondheim tangoklubb er oppdatert

Kontaktinfo er oppdatert
Styreleder: Hjørdis Helsø, e-post: leder@trondheimtango.no
Kursansvarlige: Terje L. Tangen e-post: kurs@trondheimtango.no
Milonga- og practicaansvarlig: Geir Holstad Ellingsen, e-post: milonga@trondheimtango.no eller practica@trondheimtango.no
Konsept- og markedsføringsansvarlig: Hjard R. Jensen, Alina-Diana Potlog, e-post: presse@trondheimtango.com
Webmaster: Alina-Diana Potlog og Hjard R. Jensen, e-post: web@trondheimtango.no

Tango weekend med Maria Ines Bogado og Jorge Carlos Lopez – April 15 – 17


Trondheim tangoklubb er veldig glade for å kunne melde at Maria Ines Bogado nok en gang besøker oss. Denne gangen har hun med seg sin nye dansepartner Jorge Carlos Lopez.
De vil gjeste oss fra tirsdag 11. april og holde klasser helgen 15 – 17.
Rydd plass i kalenderen og bli med på en flott tangouke

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that Maria Ines Bogado again has chosen to visit us. This time she will be joined by her new dance partner Jorge Carlos Lopez.
They will be in Trondheim from Tuesday 11.th of April, and will hold classes the weekend 15 – 17.
Do not hesitate! Mark the dates in your calendar and join us for a wonderful tango week.

Friday April 15.
F1: 19.00-20.30 Caracter in the walk: posture, embrace. How to find the connection and changes in the walk through the different types of orchestras (I)
Milonga 21.00-02.00 DJ Anders Flaarønning

Saturday April 16.
L1: 11.00-12.30 Leaders technique & Followers technique 1 (E)
L2: 13.00-14.30 Vals: Cadence, musicality and movements (I)
L3: 15.30-17.00 Vals: Alteration with turns. Energetic and fast (I)
Milonga 21.00-02.00 DJ Birger Hugdal

Sunday April 17.
S1: 11.00-12.30 Leaders technique & Followers technique 2 (E)
S2: 13.00-14.30 Giros: possibilities into the turns – Barridas and Sacadas. (I)
S3: 15.30-17.00 Alterations in giros and contragiros: Weight and control, how to find the balance in different alterations (I/A)